On July 01, 2020, I decided to start my blogging with I Will Write. This was followed by a simple blog on How did I automate my finance activities? on July 21, 2020.

Time Difference = 21 days.

The third article on The Zerodha Universe was published on September 07, 2020.

Time Difference = 48 days.

Neither of these articles took this long to write. The simple reason is: I faltered. After promising myself that I will start writing and will not stop this time around, I stopped writing. My second article took me only 2-3 days to write, finalize, and publish. My third article, admittedly, took me ~10 days of research, synthesis, writing, and publishing (it was over 2.7k words, after all!). But, for each of these articles, I had to fight myself to write. I had to overcome inertia.

There’s an adage - ‘You reap what you sow’. It applies to many situations. Of course, like any good adage, it is timeless. But, as I think about it, it feels a bit incomplete. What you reap, is not just a function of what you sow. There’s a block of time between these two events. And, what you reap can significantly change based on what you do in this block of time. You need to water what you sowed, fertilize, pull out weeds, etc. Undeniably, what you sow is important. But equally important is the nurture phase as well.

When I started my career in 2012, I had absolutely no idea about what to do with my money. Well, the first few salaries went into buying gifts for my parents and myself. But after that, it was all accumulating in my salary account. The only account I had back then. Return rate = 4%. My father helped me put money in Mutual Funds. It took me ~2 years to realize that I should do something about it.

  • Found out about Mutual Funds. Researched it. Did some bulk investment in Regular Mutual Funds
  • Found out about Zerodha. Created an account
  • Learned about the concept of SIP. Added a few SIPs in COIN
  • Learned about how to pick a good MF. Time to stop a few SIPs and start new ones
  • Learned that Direct SIPs gives slightly better returns. Switched to Direct SIPs

The point is: You don’t need to be perfect to get started. Just get started. For a perfectionist like me, this was something difficult to imbibe. But, finally, I’m getting the gist of it. For example, after publishing my article to Zerodha, I noticed that there were many grammatical mistakes in that article. I didn’t do a good job. I wrote it once -> gave it a quick skim -> put it in Grammarly to check for any obvious mistakes -> and published. That overconfidence resulted in a few mistakes. Whoever notices it, will judge me. But that’s okay with me now. What I know is: I will not make the same careless mistake again. I’ll review the next one at least once. If that still leads to mistakes, then I’ll review the next one twice…

Iterative Improvements. Deliberate Practice.

Anyway, writing this article was meant more for me than for you. I’m writing AND completing this right after publishing my previous article. With this blog and other things that will soon come into existence, I’m creating a currency for myself. It is what I’m sowing. Writing regularly, creating regularly is me watering what I have sown. After faltering in my writing habit in the last two months, I have decided to write at least one hour every day. ~7 hours a week. If I don’t write on weekdays, I will catch up on weekends. In each sitting of 1 hour, the aim is to write ~500 words to start with. We will optimize once the habit is there.

Look forward to more articles in the future! :)